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How Iran Is Supporting Terror

Terrorism is something that has been known to cripple development in many areas of the world and is a major concern for the world. Every now and then we get news of terror attacks and hope this will come to an end somehow but the end is always elusive. The international community strongly holds that the Iranian government is supporting terrorism and different factions have leveled those accusation to Iran since its revolution. Iran is said to be funding, training, giving sanctuary to terrorists and providing weapons and equipment.

A lot of terror groups find refuge in the Islamic state because of this very reason. Top leaders have tried to address this problem but never seem to get far because Iran supports the militant groups and houses them and seems unwilling to do anything about this. It is now common knowledge that Iran is supporting terror in this way and thus supports the devastating subsequent terrorism acts in the world.

This act of undermining civilian rights and depriving them of their lives has been in the open and has spread like world fire. When it comes to supporting terrorism, Iran has been at the forefront and it is known all over the world with lots of sources as witnesses. This is as a result of proven and collected evidence and a number of series of activities and motivation to be part of such evil activity.

One of the reason why they are so motivated to support terrorism is because of a statement or goal to change the world and this has been pushing them to support illegal groups. It is also important to keep in mind that through terrorism, Iran has been in a position to defeat its adversaries. It is important to consider that Iran has also defeated and attacked states that have showed support to their enemies and it is one of the reasons why they finance terrorism.

Iran has many militant allies but a Lebanese terrorist group is its closest ally, this group is perhaps the very best in terms of their capability. In 1980, Iran helped in creating the group and has also trained and armed it over the years. Every single year, Iran made sure that $100 million went to this group, other years were even better in terms of this financial support. The weaponry provided was pretty advanced like anti-cruise missiles and another thousand rockets. This is one of the groups that Iran works with very closely to conduct these attacks in countries like Syria.

It might be a shocker that Iran supports about 100,000 militant groups giving them all that they need, from weaponry to training and even money. Iran supports the current regime of Syria and without this support, the president would be out of power. Syria is a very close ally to Iran and is considered the only state ally. When the fighters are slain in war, Iran makes sure to support them financially.

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